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A Great Activity That All Ages Can Enjoy!

If your child is looking for a fun activity, why not join our dance club at New Generation-Bond CIC. Dance clubs are a great way for children to get exercise, make friends and develop their self-confidence. Your child will also improve their social and emotional skills without even realising it!

All of our dance club classes are run by experienced instructors who specialise in teaching fun, exciting and enjoyable sessions. We have classes for all age groups and all levels. Whether your child is new or experienced they will have lots of fun, every time they attend a class!


Admission for classes is just £4.50 per week
Please register before coming as we have limited spaces


These classes are run from our community centre in Swindon, at Toothill Church Hall, Dunwich Drive, SN5 8SX.







Monday's 6.30-7.30pm / Ages 11 and Upwards

Street and Jazz

If you have an older child who is interested in dance, why not enrol them in one of our street and jazz classes. Classes are suitable for all levels of learners and are a great way for children to let off steam and have fun in a structured environment.

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Street dance class Community Centre in Swindon



Ballet classes at our Community Centre in Swindon


Tuesday's 4.30-5.30pm / Ages 4-10

Street and Ballet

Young children interested in ballet and street dance will be able to learn about a variety of different styles. They will be able to stay active, improve their co-ordination and develop their passion for dance.

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Registration is required. If your child would like to attend one of our classes at our community Centre in Swindon, please contact us at New Generation-Bond CIC.

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